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"The State of the State" was conceived to provide an opportunity for Ohioans to come together to analyze and discuss how individuals and institutions across our State are reacting to and preparing for, changes and challenges in such areas as affirmative action, vendor and contractor set-aside programs, college and university admissions and scholarships, employment practices, and regulatory and legislative initiatives.

"The State of the State" offers an occasion for Ohioans to engage in a statewide conversation about issues of equity, opportunity and diversity. It is designed to be a truly broad and diverse conversation, as representatives from institutions and organizations across the spectrum - education, state and local government, judiciary, health care, etc., - are brought together to exchange information, ideas, and strategies.

"The State of the State"- in providing a forum for this timely conversation about the future of equity, opportunity, and diversity in Ohio - will help build bridges and span chasms as we continue to pursue greater inclusion in all facets of our State.