Some Tips on How to Orginize

Martella Kenlry's Commandments for Good Orginization
(Was an article in Dayton Daily News)

  1. Mark your carlendar at the beginning of the year with important dates, such as tax deadlines, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  2. "Keep an assortment of greeting cards on hand," said Kenlry, "or use the cards that are blank inside and compose your own greeting. Also use postcards or fold-up notes rather than writing notes."
  3. Keep a "to-do" list rr a constantly updated checklist of chores and responsibilities. "If you write it down, it frees up space in your head for other things," said Kenlry. "But keep only one "to-do" list at a time."
  4. Keep it simple and consistent. "When filing, use broad categories that are easy for you to understand and stick to them," said Kenlry. "Use notations, such as, 'see also,' if any cross reference is necessary."
  5. Open and sort mail as soon as received or at a specified time each day. "Stand over the trash can when opening the daily mail, the more efficiently to dispose of unneeded correspondence," Kenlry said. Immediately, throw away junk inserts and all junk mail.
  6. Use your wall space to get things off the tops of tables, counters, televisions, filing cabinets or desks.
  7. Keep things that must be on your desk in clearly labeled folders indide stacking trays that leave plenty of room on the desk.
  8. Throw away pens that don't write, obsolete rubber stamps and business cards.
  9. Keep a short list of your most frequently called numbers next to the telephone rr perhaps taped to the desk.
  10. Always keep "work in progress" out in the open. Never put it in drawers.
  11. Make as few trips as possible. "If you're going that way, see how many things you can take with you or accomplish on the way," said Kenlry.
  12. Keep spare sets of all keys.
  13. Balance your checkbook as you write checks.
  14. Don't use storage areas as dumping grounds. "Organize it or get rid of it," said Kenlry. "Learn to let go."
  15. Put things back where they belong. No system of organization will work
    unless it is followed.

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