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2014 Ohio Mathematics Contest 
(For Grades Four Through Eleven)
April 12, 2014 (Saturday)

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This Ohio Mathematics Contest (OMC) is organized by
the Dayton Branch of  the
Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA)
hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics 
and awarded by President David R. Hopkins
at the Wright State University (WSU)

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This annual Ohio Mathematics Contest (OMC) is for upper elementary, middle and high school students in grades 4 through 11.  It is organized by the Dayton Branch of the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association, hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and awarded by the Office of President at WSU. The OMC is also sponsored by Provost's Office & Dean's Office of the College Science & Mathematics at WSU, Asian American Council in Dayton, the Ohio-Southwest Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Hospice of Dayton; and supported by various minority-community organizations in the Ohio Valley area (including the Greater Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton areas.)

The purpose of the contest is to stimulate interests in mathematics among upper elementary, middle and high school students and to recognize those who exhibit exceptional talents in Mathematical skills.  The organizers and sponsors ask teachers and parents to strongly encourage their students and children in grades 4 through 11 to enter this Contest.

Register Online Here: http://www.ksea.org/nmsc/registration.asp (Now ready for 2014!)
 (Please mark “Dayton-OH” among the listed KSEA Chapters/Branches
and use your credit cards before the deadline in 2014.)

To download practice problems. please visit either
KSEA NMSC or KSEA Dayton Branch